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Our Design-Based Research utilizes a tripartite engagement model between industry, education and community.   The core outcomes are based on developing relevant linkages between the development of high demand skills and high demand jobs in the Information, Technology and Communications industry (ICT). 

Our Enterprise School System will provide governance and accountability for our children and parents on purpose, now.

Alliance Membership

Our District, Regional and National events are coordinated to include our various stakeholders.    NMTC's web-portal site is listed as  http://innovationed.us/

This site is used to coordinate and promote each event including needs for payment, time, venue location, and event focus or subject of interest.

Our focus is on promoting innovation in education by connecting industry to curriculum.

The governance and due-diligence necessary for effective partnerships require trust.  With over a decade of stakeholder research behind us we are now focused on developing inductive teaming arrangements that enable a robust research and innovation agenda.

Our partnership algorithm includes membership and the development of agreements that facilitate transactional relationships between our member stakeholders.

Enterprise School System - A focus on Secondary Education

Data Driven Education Decision

STEM-CTE Innovation Ecosystem

The National Minority Technology Council and our University and NGO partners are engaged in an applied research program to help local leadership (education, government and workforce) understand the unifying nature of CTE programs and how these programs can benefit a local community.

Celebrating Innovation in Eduction

Adjudicative Guidelines - National Defense

National Minority Technology Council

Enterprise School System - NMTC Looking Forward Research and Development